Clean Room

Compare with the normal paper container forming factory, all series products of EinYuan are produce in the clean room. It makes sure the safety that every steps, include production, quality control and packing, are limit in the clean room.


The Full Entry Processes

The whol processes can avoid people bring the dusk into the clean room.

1.) Wash hand

2.) Chang the cloth, shoes and hat

3.) Air shower

4.) Entry


The High Frequency & Heating Sealing Equipment:

The Sealing Equipment ensures the products are tight and no leak.

High Frequency Sealing: The product completeness is higher, and the sealing process will not affect the coating surface.

Heating Sealing: It is faster and fit the cost-benefit. The coating get the scrape usually because it was heated directly, but the scrape will not effect the safety and the entirety impression.