¡DConfirm the scope of product's application¡G


+ Whre are our customers use the products? ex: restaurant or the stallman


+ How do they cook? Is the food come with soup or dry? ex: BBQ, fried dumpling, fried rice or the microwave, freezing or oven food.

¡DConfirm the style¡G
  + What kind of the style do you want? Our products include the lunch box, paper plate and fresh box.
  + What material you want to use? PE, PP or PET¡Hor anyother special material¡H
¡DConfirm the size¡G
  + the length, width and height of the box, and also the size of the side, locking stick.
¡DConfirm the printing¡G
  + What kind of printing you want? Is it the art picture or the menu of the restaurant?
  + Confirm the way of printing. Do we need the normal printing or the UV printing?
  + Quotation by the material, style, quantity and printing way.
¡DTooling development¡G
  + Which side that the tooling belongs to should decided order.
  + The customers should get the delivery date with the formal order.¡C