"Dining" is a very important factor in the human life. Whatever the flavor of food, the dining environment, the people we dining with or the tableware, these seems small details can influence our mood in dining.


EIN YUAN uses the global marketing net to study everykind of cooking and dining way, research and devlopment the best suit paper food container. Wherever we are in the convenient fast food restaurant, tradition market, cheap and delicious home restaurant or the luxurious classic restaurant, even the airplane in the 30,000 feet height air, Ey always come with every customers together, provide the dining people the best suit service.


Of course, the range of dining is more than that. By the progress of conserve way, there are more and more food can keep the wonderful flavor while they just cooking well. People can get the immediate, convenient delicacy from the supermarket, convenient store.


Because we respect the food which cooked diligently by every customers, E.Y. has the responsibility to stand with the position with you to create the best dining atmosphere.